About us

Established in 2023, Ash Entertainments International is a leading International fashion show festival event company based in Pan India. Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between domestic and international designers, premier retailers, and top fashion media. We are committed to elevating India’s fashion industry to the global stage, and our events are designed to showcase the immense talent and creativity within the country.

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Ash entertainments International Through educational internship for the Designers and what we are doing is unlike any other fashion week in the country. We not only create an amazing multi-day International Fashion Week festival event each season, but we are also focused on educating our Choreographers, Designers, Models & Makeup artists and helping them to create a sustainable business long after they leave the runway.All the Fashion seminars and workshops are a taught by leaders and experts within the International fashion industry. These seminars are great for Models, Makeup Artist, and Designers and for educators.

Every year-round fashion week events, Grand finale , and charitable partnership programs , Ash Entertainments International is gaining rapid acclaim for its community-service efforts and for infusing world-class innovation into Pan India and the ultimate goal is to garner global exposure for India’s fashion industry.


A platform for Social Message

Ash Entertainments International strongly believes that the Fashion shows industry not only for the podium of fashion can not only be used for displaying clothes but also to reach out to the common masses. Our Fashion show event theme can be effectively used to create awareness among common people struggles on any social issue. Through Ash fashion show, designers can pick any cause that they want to send to the public. To create an ecosystem that will be sustainable for creative talent and brand globally, enabling each to flourish in the Global community